Make 2023 the Best Year Yet: Free 5-Day Training, 30-60 Minutes/Day to Unlock Success: Conquer the Challenge of Landing Your First Cleaning Client! From Your Home. 

Question: What's a $26 Billion Industry in the U.S. Alone and is Growing 20% Every Year... AND Allows You to Create a Scalable and Profitable 6-Figure Income WITHOUT Doing Any Physical Work?
The Cleaning Services Industry.

Give Us Just a Few Hours
We're Going to Show You How to  

Secure Your First Cleaning Client with Confidence!"

Even if you have no experience, have never succeeded online, and currently work full-time


What You Don't Need...

You Don't Need to Clean Anything Yourself.
You Don't Need Large Amounts of Money to Start.
You Don't Need "an (Email) List," at All.
You Don't Need to Even Be a U.S. Citizen.


You Just Need a Little Courage to Say that You Can Follow Directions, and "You Can Do it."

1 Video & Assignment Per Day for 5 Days  

Challenge Starts In:


Join The ‘Your First Funnel Challenge’ For FREE And Learn From The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs On How To Take Your Idea And Turn It Into A Highly-Profitable Business!

Attention: Are You Ready To Build & Launch Your First Funnel...?

“Just Give Us 5 SHORT DAYS, And We’ll Show You How To Quickly 

Launch Your Idea

And Turn It Into A  Business That You're Proud Of !

(This Can Work Even If You Currently Have No Tech Skills, Don't Have A Product, Or Have No Idea What A Funnel Is Yet...!) 

Challenge Starts Oct 10th. But Registration Closes Soon, So Don’t Wait!

Join The ‘Your First Funnel Challenge’ For FREE And Learn From The Top 1% Of Entrepreneurs On How To Take Your Idea And Turn It Into A Highly-Profitable Business!

Stop Following Online Phonies.


Create a Real Business, that Physically Services Real Clients, Who Have a Real Need, that You Could Literally Start Today with As Low as $50 or Less.  

OR... You Can Keep Wasting Your Time Trying to Scale Selling that Digital Product that 90% of People Fail At, Eventually Drop Off, and Continue to Feel Stuck at their 9 to 5. 

 Watch The Video Below And Join The Challenge Today!

With Special Surprise Guest,

Daymond John!


Want To Know The FIRST Thing Daymond Would Do If He Agreed To Invest In Your Business...?

You guessed it... he’d build you a funnel!

Just like the countless other funnels he’s built for his own brand and other business ventures!

Watch The Exclusive Interview With Daymond

FREE When You Register For 'Your First Funnel' Challenge!

PLUS a FREE bonus day after the challenge with a TON of amazing guest speakers!!! (You don't want to miss this...)

'The 6-Figure Cleaning Business' Challenge Will Walk You Through Step-By-Step

How To “Bootstrap” Your Cleaning Business And Launch It Anywhere, As Well as Grow It to 6-Figures

...And Begin To Generate Sales Without Taking On A Mountain Of Debt Or Falling Prey To “Analysis Paralysis”!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Day 1
We'll dive into what exactly is a 6-Figure Cleaning Business, what does it do, how does one successfully generate profit and scale this kind of business. We'll understand why there's less risk if approached the correct way. How big the opportunity is and why it's a better approach to alternatives. 

Day 2

On day 2, we're going to discuss the core of the 6-Figure Cleaning Business, which is the service that you offer through your cleaners. We're going to show you how to hire your cleaners, where to find your cleaners, and how to organize your staff so that they don't cost you anything upfront. 

  • ​We'll show you how to hire your cleaning staff with the least risk, and without any upfront costs. 
  • How to easily and quickly source your staff.
  • ​How to ensure that your staff provides an excellent job that creates repeat business and recurring revenue. 
  • ​How to create effective contracts that protect your business.
  • ​How to understand the hiring funnel, interview and filter out quality service providers. 

Day 3

On day 3, it's all about you and the customer. We are going to nail down a few processes when it comes to managing your business but otherwise we're going to talk about and sales and marketing. Finding, converting, and managing your leads, as well as understand LTV of the customer and turning them into a long-term client. 

  • ​We'll talking about finding customers through popular third-party sources like Thumbtack and Google. ​
  • ​Converting one-time clients into long-term repeat business.
  • ​Setting up a smart marketing budget.  
  • ​Understanding our 3-step follow-up to ensure a happy client and successful job. 
  • ​Our simple secrets to win leads. 

Day 4
On day 4, it's all about you leaning how to find the best cleaners. We are going to nail down a few processes when it comes to searching, screaming and creating a hiring funnel that will bring on the right cleaners for your business

  • ​We'll talking about finding your your ideal cleaners
  • ​We will go over FREE ways to find cleaners
  • ​We will go over Fee Base ways to find cleaners
  • ​Creating the right hiring funnel.

Day 5
On day 5, I will be going over all the platforms your will need to launch and operate your cleaning business. 

  • ​Payroll Platforms
  • ​Lean generation platform
  • The platform that will mange entire back end of your cleaning business
  • ​And much much more​!

What Are You Waiting For?!

You are guaranteed to gain. Whether or not you decide to pursue a 6-Figure Cleaning Business, you will learn amazing skills and processes that you never knew about that will help you in your entrepreneurial journey. 

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Get the Insight to Create a Thriving Business From Scratch In Just 5 Days

What You Can Expect

From The 'Secure Your First Client' Challenge!

Before The Challenge

  • You want to build wealth from anywhere, flexibly, but don't know where to start.
  • You've tried "other things" to no success. 
  • You want the flexibility to work on your terms, from where you want.
  • ​You know that every business requires two feet forward, but ideally you wouldn't need to pay and arm and a leg to get it going.

After The Challenge

  • Achieve a crystal clear direction for you and your business.
  • Feel confident you are making the right moves.
  • Have the insight and an action plan
  • ​Gain the drive and motivation to build the business that works for you.

Here’s Everything You Get

When You Sign Up For The
'1st Cleaning Business Client' Challenge...

  • FREE! 5-day comprehensive and thorough training including the whole 6-Figure Cleaning Business method developed by founder Jazmine Tates and implemented by hundreds of students worldwide
  • FREE! Our full system for developing your business, sourcing contractors and staff, and finding leads for free or at a low cost.
  • FREE! Strategies for scaling your business from $0, to 6-figures. 

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Normally: $97 Value

Today: $0.00

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5-Day Virtual Event: 6-Figure Cleaning Business Challenge!


12/10/2023 - 12/15/2023
@8:00 PM CST


Because it is time for you to get the roadmap that you always wanted towards entrepreneurial success. 

Now’s The Time To Act!

Ready To Launch Your Idea Into The World In Just 5 Days?

"Just Give Me 5 Evenings, And I’ll Show You How To Launch Your Scalable and Profitable Cleaning Business."

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